+Life Local / +Life Global

Seed funding from the Miracle Offering will help support some key +LIFE projects

+Life Local

Miracle Offering funds will help support volunteer efforts to serve…

  • The Newark YMCA emergency homeless facility;
  • Christine’s (soup) Kitchen in West Orange;
  • +Life Day of Service, serving about 1,000 people on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day;
  • Mentorship programs in Paterson, aimed at breaking cycles of poverty.

+Life Global

Miracle Offering funds will help support our work in:


  • Provide The Life Hospital with needed medical supplies
  • Recruit and prepare for a medical missions trip
  • Expand educational opportunities for children and teachers

El Salvador

  • Support Child Development Center, which helps keep children safe from gang violence
  • Planning missions trip for spring 2018


  • Reach tens of thousands of people for Christ
  • Sponsor missionaries

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